the label editor

for Windows XP/Vista/7

Etik 4.00C : new features

Etik release 4.00C introduces the following new features:

  • ETIK Manager: On-screen buttons table for direct labels printing
    A new and innovative operation mode of the program that makes printing procedure simpler and faster: a window directly proposes push-buttons for all defined labels. Easy, fast and safe for the operator.

  • New barcodes: GS1 Databar and Code 93
    Complete and optimized support for mono and two-dimensional GS1 Databar (formerly known as "RSS") barcodes, with integrated management of GTIN and application identifiers for additional information.
    Introduced support for the barcode CODE 93 too.

  • Accurate labels drawing
    Complete and detailed on screen drawing of the barcodes and graphical symbols.
    Auto-assignment of label fields identification tags (ID).
    Many new date formats for the special fields.

  • Extended debugging tools
    Communications terminal allows a complete printer control from remote systems.
    Easier to read PRINTER STATUS window.

Etik features NOT available in the Light version:

Logos printing
Support for printing using TTF and additional fonts
Support for printing using software and printer counters
Support for real time clock (RTC) and PC time/date printing
Additional fonts
Multi-printers support
IOTest files (*.iod) definitions support
SSCC support
TCP/IP communication
Rs485 addresses >3 support through DDE

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