the label editor

for Windows XP/Vista/7
Labelling software
be your own master in creating professional and customized labels !!!

Etik is a true WYSIWYG Windows package developed to allow novice users to CREATE and CUSTOMIZE labels. GET and PRINT your own labels in a while it's now easier thanks to following specifications:

windows based

  • on screen label design
  • true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get ) with millimetric image developing

data sources

  • keyboard data entered at print time
  • database ASCII text file
  • serial port record
  • intra- fields linking

barcode simbologies

  • the most popular barcodes are adjustable in ratio, height and rotation

images and logos

  • loading of images and logos from graphic files
  • pictures are scalable with variable aspect ratio

printer and true type fonts

  • excellent speed and text quality using printer resident or Windows True Type fonts, including
  • symbols and exotic languages
  • four direction rotations
  • multi-line editing capabilities

lines, boxes and areas

  • lines, boxes and areas can be drawn with a simple "click and drag"

object editing

  • powerfull editing functions such as object centering and spacing within the label, alignements referred to a selected object.
  • copy/ cut/ paste capabilities

hidden objects

  • not printable option available for all graphic objects to draw on the screen any pre-printed field

special time and date

  • editing of system time and date in 14 different special format
  • editing of system or printer time and date updated at print time

printer control

  • control of all printer parameters and objects drawing

resident counters

  • up to 6 text or barcode up/down resident counters available for serialized data strings with alphanumeric prefix or suffix

external counters

  • unlimited number of text or barcode external counters available for serialized up/down alphanumeric data strings

MVI = Multiple View Interface

  • viewing and real time updating of the same label in multiple views
  • zoom capability

MDI = Multiple Document Interface

  • editing of multiple labels at a time with global printing in multiple copies

fast download

  • fast download function bypassing Windows Print Manager


  • full italora keypad driving capabilities

ETIK Manager

Once designed your labels, the full power of the Etik Manager help you to select label formats, individual selections and print labels. Variables such as batch or lot numbers can be entered at the time of printing. Imported databases from just about any other package can be used with Etik Manager, so that database security can be assured.

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