italora S.r.l.
a complete line of Print & Apply devices

Italora OEM range of printers can be equipped with different types of label applicators with the advantage of having a single control unit able to drive both the print and the application tasks
A print-apply system is made out of three elements:
  • Electronic control unit with multicolor LCD display and 10 keys keyboard
  • Printing unit
  • Applicator device
The printing unit is built on robust structure of single aluminum plate to which the applicator is attached; the print-apply device is therefore compact and easy to mount even on existing systems.

Different applicators types meet the most varied requirements of labelling processes, they can be summarized as follows:

PISTON   linear stroke, for applications on standing objects or flat surfaces
PISTON + BLOW   linar stroke, for applications without contact on standing or moving objects
2 PISTONS, DOUBLE MOVEMENT   for small labels and high precision applications
DOUBLE PISTON, 2 SIDES   linear stroke, 2 sides corner applications
BLOW   to apply without contact, high frequency
LIGHTWEIGHT ARM   front or upper side applications, very suitable for lightweight packages; perfect for food industry
WIPE   low cost applicator for batch and on-demand labelling, available with encoder for packaging line synchronization too
WIPE WITH SUCTION   low cost applicator for batch and on-demand labelling, free from packaging line system speed synchronization issue
CUSTOM   custom design based on customer's needs

The automatic label application cycle can be FULLY CUSTOMIZED, starting from a default, according to the needs of the production line in which the print-apply device is installed; it is possible to freely change the driving of the 16 input channels and 16 output channels through a simple programming language in text format.
In addition to input/output signals for direct driving of the application device there are further signals available for controlling other actuators or sensors.

Demo video
High precision labelling of variable height packages
Piston stroke + air blow for label application without contact
Label-on-demand print-apply pneumatic-wipe system
Wipe applicator with suction plate allows either batch labelling and variable data labelling
Eggs packs labelling
Print-apply system for bowls
Arm applicator, front side application
Arm applicator, front side application
Air blow applicator, round labels, Datamatrix code
Label on demand wipe applicator
Lightweight products arm labels applicator
Direct thermal printing and labelling with air blow applicator
Food packages labelling
Print-apply systems designed for precise application of small labels